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Friday, September 5, 2008

Randomness !!

a boring lecture on a boring topic from a boring professor on a boring afternoon on a boring monday is one of those times in your life when u drift away into a different zone , where one thinks about stupid , crazy , preposterous , wild , innovative sometimes , stupid (mentioning it again coz i am trying to emphasizing it :P ) stuff,,
phew that was a big sentance..but you get the point ?
well one such boring monday afternoon..i was in that zone..
and i was wondering about what the term random truly means..

according to the definition , it basically means any event , process , series etc which have no dependence on previous or post event , process , series etc..blah blah..u get the point..
but i was wondering , is it truly random..can anything in this universe be truly random ..or is everything interlinked to form a complexity we have not yet been truly understood..i know i am entering the intelligent design vs evolution debate here , but why not consider they are one and the same thing , for a moment think about it..
is it possible that what we called random events or random behavior or random all planned and all in order of the universe's plan..

now i am not implying that everything is decided by one person (GOD or angel or wteve)... lol..i am an i would never suggest that..
actually the whole thought process was stimulated by the discussion going on in my class room as i have to periodically have to pause my day dreaming and actually pay attention in class to what Joshi Sir was talking and he was discussing the generation of random numbers . Thats what triggered this whole new world of queries , hypothesis in my head , it made me think the whole day (in my free time ofcourse)

after all the madness , i concluded ive just day dreamed and that i may never really able to find out the whole deal in my lifetime...


ps. the above literature might not make anysense to anyone..apologies to the same.


Aditya Sengupta said...

a boring lecture on a boring topic from a boring professor on a boring afternoon on a boring monday..

Somehow it strikes me as karmic that this has been posted on Teachers' Day.

GokulMenon said...

lol...i swear i didnt realise post was nothing to do with the professor , who btw is not that bad at all..\cheers