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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What the HELL ~!!!

WELL thats exactly what i was thinking the moment that fist hit me...

here's what happened today ( mind you i am not drunk, i am not making it up and no my blogspot account has not been hacked by stevan speilberg)..

i was returning home from a tiring day at college in the usual 5:08 local from parle to wadala , the day was especially tiring as i had played 2 matches in the RGIT football tournament for my college and also attenended a prof. Ranjana Singh practicals( Folks from the E2 batch in IT 3rd yr engineering will know what i am dealing with here) .Anyways, coming back to the train journey , i am here sitting on the 2nd row of the wooden seating arrangement in the usual 2nd class compartment , doing my usual thing that i do while i travel alone in the local ie nothing, and somewhere between mahim junction and kings circle station , there comes this beggar/drunk/weird/shabby guy and you will not believe what i type next , yeah..he frickin punches me hard..
thats right..he hit me out of the blew , without the hint of a warning ,

yes i repeat ..he frickin hit me ..and i am beeing completly honest here , i DID not do anything to deserve that ( i have said this atleast 20 times today ,10 times to the railway cops at wadala ).

what followed was a very emotional response , emotional not in the way you are imagining right now and grinning , emotional in the way that there were a lot of emotions involved , emotions like bewilderment , anger , puzzledment , irritation , complete shock and surprise at the randomness and probability of the event , i mean common , i seriously would not belive anyone who told me this story nor would i believe a similar stupid blog post.And the manner of this emotional response was an obvious attempt to hit back/defend myself from a future blow/trying to figure out if it was a dream...
well after the initial trade of blows , there was this weird pause...a couple of people in the train took notice but the majority of the people in the compartment hadnt taken notice to this absurdity, complete randomn and weird event.After this pause as i began to expect it (however weird it may sound) , came another exchange of blows , he punched me square in the stomouch and the rib cage , i just punched wherever i could make any contact , a complete mad and blind attack on some sort of a completly unforseen predator(if i can use that word) in a couple of minutes around 2-3 people separated us and the sometheres began to quiz about what was going on , and i just couldnt believe at what had just happened, i mean i had no idea why the guy started hitting me , i ask this again .. why o why..

well the ending is somewhat the usual , we got down at wadala , i reported the guy to the RPF (cops at the station) after explaining my version of the bewildering event to 3 different cops , they finally took down my complaint and i got permission to go home , having given them my contact details . will take sometime to get over this , writing this down here probably helped..


ps. im so fucking glad i don't remember any of my dreams and that all my nights are dreamless and peacefull , so whatever nightmares i might have , fortunately i shall not remember any of them in the morning :D.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Football !!!

Well football has been a huge part of my life m right from grade I where i was 1st introduced to the beautiful game till the time i started playing regularly till date..
its been an amazing journey , playing with my boot size of 3 to right now playing with a boot size of 9. It seems just like yesterday that i went with mom to buy my 1st pair of shoes :D and my 1st football ...

Our school had this system where in each year , there was a division called as the "A" divison or "sports divison" where students who excelled in all sports were put together and this divison would have a special timetable where in they would get extra sports period (ie 2 hrs a day for 3 days a week ) :D ..
well the whole system is important in achieveing all round growth and also to promote and support sporting talent. Every year in the summer vacation, all the students including those in the sports divison had to undergo a sports camp where their performance in the sport is annalysed and the new sport divison students were chosen from those in the summer camp. So your place in the elite sports divison was not to be taken for granted and one had to perform well to stay in the same divison the next year.(ie to be promoted from V A to VI A one has to make sure he is performing well enough in his respective sport).As a very young kid , Well since it is too early to decide which sport he has potential in , from grade I to grade IV all of the kids in the sports divison had to play all the sports , and il tell you something , there was something special about playing football , something so amazing that other sports just didnt interest me the least.It was one of my happiest days of my life as a 9 yr when i was selected for football in grade V. That was it , i was to play for school every year from Grade V to grade IX :D. Those were the best days of my life !

seriously looking back at it now , i cannot imagine how life would have shaped out without football.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

an old poem i wrote..

she's the one that stayed that way

its a short time ago..i began knowing her so well
its been so amazing i juss can't tell
there are not many words that describe her ways
be it the silence,the laughter or the sweet smiling face

she's the one that stayed that ways

he doesnt speak that loud,as her eyes do most of the talking
even when all the chips r down,she will still keep on walking
she writes she draws she reads ...oh yes she even sings
ive lost count of it but there are so many other things

she's the one that stayed that way

the best way to ur loved ones heart they say
is through thier stomouch ,der's no other way
the same can be said for her..the food gotta be more than okay
..its nt burgers or pizzas but its gotta be the sizzlers at kobe

she's the one that stayed that way

you cannot miss her silent stare ..
its like the solar flare..
comes quite often..directly at you
you don't know wts fuse of her's u blew :P

she's the one that stayed that way

the colors are blue and green..
the mind is smart and clean..
as a friend as a guide ..year after year after year !
psychology is what she wants to do..n she's made that very clear..

she's the one that stayed that way

its her for whom i make my say..
its for whom i shine like the day
she is the one for whom this poem rhymes..
her name is ***** ***** and she's worth a trillion dimes,,,

she's the one that stayed that way..

Ps. i wrote it for a friend , he wanted to write something for this girl.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

..Of Munich by Musab

The following is one of the best blogs i have read in a long time...
i hv provided the link below, hope the author doesnt mind me sharing this beautiful article on my blog..hats off to u man..

....Of Munich '58

I have a knack for doing things in reverse.

Take Dylan, for example.I was a Dylan fan way before I had heard him sing.Way before that in fact.I had stumbled upon an article about him,gotten hooked and began to dug deep. I read up everything I could get my hands on,which wasn't very much I must admit.But it gave me an idea of what I was in for before I was floored by Like A Rolling Stone. I'm pretty sure that if I'd heard that brilliant nasal drone unawares,my experience would have been quite different.

I am a football freak,as any friend of mine would tell you.I support Manchester United..(the understatement of the century),have done so for at least ten years now.The first United match I saw was eight years ago.(He's loony,you say...and I don't blame you).

The same lopsided logic applies here.It wasn't the football United played that attracted me.Niether did the fact that they were the most successful and entertaining side in the world while I was growing up in the nineties.Or the fact that by the time I started following them religiously,they had won,or were on the verge of winning just about every trophy you could name.

The reason I fell in love with United was...Munich.

At the end of the Second World War,United were a struggling club ; almost bankrupt,their stadium badly bombed,without a full time manager.That's when they hit a rich vein of luck by signing a Scotsman, a former Manchester City and Liverpool player as manager.His name was Matt Busby.He inherited a football team in a very sad state,but he set about remedying it.The key word was Youth.Lads in school,or just out of school with a knack for playing fast,attacking,entertaining football.

A team was quickly built,and the work began.They won the FA cup in 1948,defeating a strong Blackpool side.Four years later,they were League champions.As the first great post-war team was maturing,the plan kicked into overdrive and the first batch of youngsters got signed.This batch was already proving to be outstanding,having won the FA Youth Cup an astonishing five times.Roger Byrne,Jackie Blanchflower,Bill Foulkes,Mark Jones,David Pegg,Liam Whelan,Eddie Colman and Duncan Edwards joined the first team,a product of the United youth and scouting program.

Something magical happened,this team of young lads turned into the leanest football machine in England.They won the League in 1956.And again in 1957.And they didn't just win it,they won it with style,with pace and attacking vigor that had never before been seen.They were not just a team anymore.,They were Matt Busby's little bounders.They were The Busby Babes !!

If ever they're playing in your town,

You must get to that football ground,

Take a look and you will see,

Football taught by Matt Busby.


Manchester United,

A bunch of bouncing Busby babes,

They deserve to be knighted.

So goes a famous terrace song,"Manchester Calypso"

But winning in England was just the beginning.There was a new adventure just beginning...Europe. England had long considered itself the home of football,and somewhat scorned upon the rest of the football playing world.The notion that since they had invented the game,they were by default the best team,was shattered when the Hungarians-The Mighty Magyars-,thrashed them at Wembley,England's home ground.English football had retreated into a Europhobic shell by the time the Babes arrived,but European club football was just starting.

The English Football Association-The FA-,myopically prohibited any English club from playing in Europe.But Matt Busby defied them and entered Manchester United in the european Cup.The Babes' first European game was at home to Belgian club Anderlecht.There was apprehension as to how the kids from England would faare against European opposition.But all those fears were allayed as the Babes licked Anderlecht 10-0.The adventure was on.

They reached the semi-final in their first attempt,ultimately losing to eventual winners Real Madrid in an entertaining encounter.But the stage was set,the torch had been lit and the Babes were ready for another try,confident that this time they could go all the way.1958 began on a positive note.Slow and steady,the Babes were advancing on three fronts.They were onthe way to reclaiming their third League title,were still in the FA cup,and had just won the first leg of the European Cup quarter final against Red Star Belgrade (Crevna Zvevda).

Full of anticipation,the team set out to Yugoslavia for the return leg of the match.On 6th February,1958,after a very intriguing game,they drew 3-3,thus ensuring a place in the semi final against AC Milan of Italy.The second Semi-Final in the second attempt.This time,there was a genuine hope that this team,whose average age was just 22,would go all the way.They flew back to England on a twin-propeller Elizabethan aircraft.With a blizzard raging,they had to stop at Munich to refuel.A quick refuel later,they were ready to take off.A first attempt failed,so did a second one.

There were thoughts about abandoning the trip for the day and heading back on the next,but the captain decided against it.The runway was covered with ice and slush,the wings were iced over.and there was heavy snowing when the plane set off for the third time.The plane set off,and just before the wheels left the tarmac,the plane skidded,slipped and crashed into a barrier.One of it's wings hit the side of a house and the plane caught fire.As survivors dragged themselves out of the burning wreckage,the greatest tragedy in english football had unfolded.

At 3.04 PM on 6th February 1958,23 people died,including eight of the Busby Babes-Geoff Bent,Roger Byrne,Eddie Colman,Mark Jones,David Pegg,Tommy Taylor and Billy Whelan.In addition,three club officials,Walter Crickmer,Tom Curry and Bert Whalley also perished,along with the plane staff and some journalists.The greatest football team in England was no more.

Duncan Edwards,Big Brilliant Dunc followed fifteen days later,after valiantly struggling for life,even saying that he was ready for the next match,two days before he passed away.Matt Busby,the manager,badly injured,struggled on.His injuries were so severe that he was twice given his Last Rites.

Back in England,the country was in shock.The whole of England,irrespective of club loyalties,was in mourning for the bunch of young lads who had set football ablaze with their own brand of football.The loss to Manchester United,and to British football was immense.Most of the Babes were playing for their national teams,and were a symbol of hope for the international tournaments to come.The crash not only deprived United of their greatest team,but also cost England the world cups of 1958 and 1962,which would have had entirely different outcomes if the likes of the great Duncan Edwards had played.

The story wasn't over yet,in a scene unimaginable today,United had to play their next competitive match just 13 days later.An immobile Matt Busby told assistant manager Jimmy Murphy,"Keep the flag flying,Jimmy".In barely two weeks,Murphy managed to string together a team that included survivors still recovering from the trauma,reserve team players and hastily bought replacements.This team astonishingly reached the final of the FA cup,before losing to Bolton 2-1 in an emotional final as Matt Busby,in crutches,watched from the sidelines.

Busby was the one who suffered the most.He head seen these kids grow up,and he considered himself responsible for the disaster by ignoring the FA's orders and playing in Europe.These feelings stayed with him for many years,while he rebuilt Manchester United from the ground up,just as he had done after the war.This resurgence was finally complete when,10 years after the crash,United beat Benfica from Portugal 4-1 at Wembley to finally lift the European Cup which they had set out for way back in 1957.Matt Busby was knighted that year for his services to football.This was the ultimate fruit of Busby's labours,it also served as his great catharsis....

That was the story that turned me into a United fan,and as I watched United win against Munich that night in 1999 in the greatest European final ever,my journey was complete.It would have been Sir Matt's 90'th birthday if he was alive,but it served as the greatest birthday gift nonetheless.

I am still a United fan;I miss classses to watch them play,skip marriages and functions,scream my head off when we score a goal(just ask my neighbours),and sulk for days when we lose.But Munich is still special.And every year,when the 6th of February comes nearer,I go through my collection of articles,videos and photos,and -call me asentimental sod if you will-get almost teary eyed.This year was the 50th anniversary of the crash.The club commemorated it splendidly,the fans did their part brilliantly,while I sit here typing my own silent remembrance.

Here's to the Babes.....The Flowers Of Manchester !!

source :

Thursday, February 7, 2008


as the title suggests

just found the pic online...found it cheerfull...:D so thot id spread the cheer

Boss Ek Cutting dena ~!!

the title pretty much sums up the whole point of my blog entry...
its so fucking cold these days..and my chai drinking habbit has returned..

it all started with my crash course of maths 5 at vidyalankars 3 months back..
me beeing an avid coffee drinker , neva really liked tea that much..

but after those 3 hrs of maths.. having a break of 15 mins , that small little cup of tea was the only thing worth living for..
we started having it in our breaks , it magically revived us to survive last the remaining 3 hours..
we got through those 6 hour tuts everyday for a week somehow..but the tea drinking never stopped..

I did take a break from tea drinking , when i went to goa , ofcourse you don't drink tea there , you drink beer .
anyways coming back to the main point , ek cutting chai , what an invention i must say.
and since its been like 9 degrees , having tea is just a neccessity these days..
anyways im signing off , my tea is getting cold


Goa pictures...

the place

the pool

the beer

the people
(clockwise from extreme leftbottom : amanda , karan , me , priyam , dhrumil , namrata and aarthi)
well that sums up my previous blog i guess..