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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Manchester United - a way of life

Its an embarrassing day today to be a manchester united fan, beeing demolished 6-1 at old trafford is not something you see often. I write this blog post in frustration, not so much because of the loss today, but because of the usual reaction you see on facebook from fans of rival clubs who unite to slander and gloat.. I decided its high time I do some research on why this is the case, why a such a magnificent football club with such a great history gets so much hate from neutrals. My findings showed the reason is 2 fold, one the clubs recent rise to dominance led to turning a once exciting league to a boring one, although one might argue chelsea and mancity are providing the required excitement.The second reason is the fans themselves, when a club is winning almost everything in a smalls span of time, they seem to attract a lot of muppets, who inturn go ahead and spoil it for everyone involved with the club. Now the first reason cannot really be helped, it does happen that people like to support the under dog if you are a neutral and overtime it sticks. But the second reason, well it can be helped, i hope whichever united fan reads this can understand this and take my advice...

1)one thing every manchester united fan and for that matter everyone should understand is that "you win some, you lose some"

2)if you can't accept that, then you should rather skip the rest of this blog post.

3) Trash talking with your rival fans is supposed to be in jest and fun, lets not get carried away (I myself tend to get carried away), bottom line, its not personal

4) Be intelligent about what you speak or express towards the clubs players and managers, agreed they are paid ton of money, but they provide you entertainment week in week out and they work hard for it. Its not war, its professional saying stuff like "sell him, or sack him" might not be the best projection of your loyalties as a supporter

5) Manchester United is a fantastic football club having one of the finest players in the game, always remember that, doesn't matter if you get drubbed a few times in a me, ive been following them for 9 years now, there have been very few such years..

6) People (including my mom) constantly ask me what drives me to waste my time on following the game, posting comments, reading articles etc..and my answer has always been simple, its firstly the sport that is my passion and secondly its the club i liked when I first started watching football, and it stuck and now its a way of life, the point i am trying to make is, whatever be the reason, if you hang on to that people might eventually get it.

7) Yes we have some rivals like leeds, liverpool and city.. and emotions can get the better of you..but refer to point 1) when that happens..

8) respect other clubs, I know this one is obvious, but sometimes we get lost in our fanatic trash talking, we tend to ignore the fact that there can be others who probably deserve it on the day or for the season

9) How to handle trashtalk from liverpool fans : just ask them to come back to you when they have won the league..

10) how to handle arenal fans : sympathize with them on how the future doesnt look all that promising

11) how to handle mancity fans : see point 9) on how to handle liverpool fans

12) how to handle chelsea fans : well this is tricky, remind them that terry drogba anelka and lampard can play on for more than a couple of more seasons and how their manager changes more than the seasons :P

13) how to handle anti-united fans : well this is the either rip on their respective clubs using any of the points 9-13), if they don't swear allegiance to any of the clubs, then don't waste your time, they are too scared to support a club in the first place.

that was that ..

- Gokul
United for life