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Friday, August 14, 2009

Mission AMreeka !!!

Well as one could have guessed , I will be flying of to New Jersy for my masters course in Computer Science.My jet airways flight is scheduled to take off from mumbai at 02:20 am on the wee hours of monday. Well as expected I am really nervous , freaked out , excited , sad as well as anxious to kick start this new phase of my life...

2 full years of probably the toughest acadamic challange awaits me beyond the gates of Rutgers , The state university of New Jersy. I have begun packing , and its really a task. Knowing what to take..what not to really begining to irritate me. Also how much each bag weighs etc is also another concern. As i sit to update this blog ..i realise I am staring at the last weekend in Mumbai for what could be 1 and half years. I know 1 and half years isnt a long time..but still beeing in the city for the last 20 years...staying away for more than a year sounds really scary. Away from family..loved ones..girlfriends..secret girlfriends..its just something easily comprehendible..let alone manageble.
In a weeks time i should have moved into my own apartment with my roommates and will be sitting inside the rutgers orientation hall..meeting my peers. Its just too sudden ..too abrupt for my liking. I have been probably preparing for this week for a long long time..but now that its staring right at me..I seem to be caught unaware of it.
so I guess il sit back..soak in the moment..enjoy my last weekend here before Rutgers ...
heres to a drunken friday (drink till you drop day as clearly marked by karan)
a glorious saturday and a final peacefull sunday