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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

GOA 2008

well , the journey began on 13th january 2008,
a short trip by train to madgoan around 690 kms from mumbai.
We left around midnite on the 13th , and reached on the noon of the 14th.
Its a trip i am not going to forget in a long time to come. Beautiful , luxurious , comfortable , exciting , scintilating , energising , relaxing , pulsating , binge drinking , loads of meat and fish would be the ideal words coming to my mind as i sit down to write this one..

We stayed in probably one of the finest places in southgoa(near majorda) , a magnificent mansion called the jaipuria pepsi cola house. Its maintained by pepsi india and namrata's mausa is currently the manager , so courtsey to him and to pepsi india , we got to enjoy the life of a king for 5 days.
If there was monarchy in goa , and a king ruled the state , I am guessing he would be staying in such a house. Right from the amenities to the beautiful natural floura everything was kingsize , there were lush green lawns , sea facing infinity pools , dolphins in the sea (no seriously , we could see dolphins every mornin from out rooms jumping in the sea ) , the jacuzi , the entertainment unit , the pool room and not to mention the poker room.

The stay was so good , we didn't venture out till the 3rd day of the trip. Since the house was so huge we took some time to cover ground.The 3rd n 4th day we took a trip to north goa to visit the beaches of Anjuna , Baga and Calangoute. The dinners at the beach side shacks with those candle lighting was one of the highlights of the trip , with prawns winning the award for the food item of the trip. We must have had atleast 2 kgs of prawns in the end of 5 days.

This is gettin long n boring so il just provide a short checklist which should summarize my trip.

1) beer - check (3 crates)
2) woman - Check (went with girls :P)
3) food - check (ate like hungry whores)
4) other - who cares a shit...the 3 keys of a succesfull trip are


ps. il post images of the trip soon..

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The thing

well this blog entry is all about that Thing..

that Thing i was carryubg was so bad..
i had gone to meet a friend , who i was meeting after a long time..
it all started at the movies..the next thing i know i was eating the thing , it didnt taste good..:( ..then came the movie itself....well a nice movie..but made the Thing worse..
then more things followed...right from the traffic on the road to the major accident near my many much commotion..the thing was just not gonna quit firing itself away...

ive never experience anything like it before..and it was just too much to handle..

whoever is reading this has no idea what the hell is the Thing i am talking about..
well the Thing is..its just this Thing know ...
lol..honestly speaking after reading the first few lines i don't think anyone has reached till this line....the thing is history now..

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Maths 5 !!!

the tittle says it all !!!

Maths 5...for most engineers this is the final mathematics in thier engineering..
I for one used to love mathematics a lot right from school , but since the last 2 years , once i started with maths 1 in engineering, things have changed. My maths scores have shown that.

well I am about to give my last semister 5 paper which is incidently also my last mathematics paper in my course. Maths 5 or M5 as most call it , is all about practice , practice and more practice. Ofourse even a 100 hours of thorough practice will also not guarantee you a good score as it has probability . For those who are not studying engineering , they may not understand the meaning of 100 hours practice for a single paper as in engineering we do not give that much time for any single paper. Anyways , the point is its the kind of subject which can screw you up very badly if u do not practice and also screw you up if you do all the practice. I have been told that maths 5 has more casualties (more kts) than anyother subject in any branch of engineering, well thats an astounding statistics and ironically statistics is also a part of maths 5. There are 2 main parts in maths 5, i'd like to call it maths 5-bad and maths 5-boring.Well the 1st part (60% weightage) concerns stats and probability and the 2nd part(40% weightage) concerns with LPP & NLPP . Now the reason for me calling the first part maths 5- bad is very simple , although its very interesting and challenging, its sometimes confusing and tough ( oweing sometimes to the mumbai university's amazing english) , where as the the 2nd part is comparitively simpler n more mechanical it is very boring and silly mistakes can simpley ruin u.

Well judging from the fact that i have so much time to write this blog juss around 21 hours before i give my paper you might think i am very confident with the subject , but its just sheer frustration and irritation that has compelled me to write this. I hope to do well ( i mean get 40 marks ofcourse ) and get on with my vacation which by the way i am really looking forward to.

Maths god ..according to greeks its Ares i think.. i don't know for sure..anyways..whoever you are up there...have mercy tommorrow..keep those silly mistakes of mine away and those calculation errors at bay...and i shall never abuse mathematics again.


ps. i shall update this blog if my paper is good , or else i shall delete this blod :P

update :

i am fineshed with semister 5 ...n done wid M5

verdict - Maths 5 wasnt as bad as expected.. i should be able to pass


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007..the year that was..

Well..of all the things i shall miss in the coming few weeks.. the year 2007 is definetly going to be one of them. Its been a phenomenal year for me and i don't think 2008 can match up to 2007 .
Obviously i am not going to list all the amazing things that have made 2007 so great ..but would like to have a moment to look back at this year and hope for many such years to come.
Of all the things i liked about 2007 is that i have spent so much quality time with my best friends, its too good to be true. Besides another highlight would be manchester united regaining the epl and winning the Gold Medal in BITS Pillani for football representing my college.

Looking forward to a fresh new year now i guess, 2008...well I have always liked the number 7 .. maybe thats another reason for my fondness for 2007.As i write this , so many thoughts running across my mind , a look at the number of things in my mind listed numerically :
1) Am i ever going to be able to maintain this blog ?
2) When should i begin studying for maths ? ( i have a math exam in a week)
3) should i write more or is this enuf ?
4) should i go for the snickers in my refridgerator now or should i save it for tommorrow ?
5) should i watch 'that 70's show' or 'my name is earl' now ?
6) why am i thinking about so many things at the same time ?

well as you can see , im pretty much messed in the head.
hope 2008 works out fine..but as of now 2007 is leading on all counts.

Finally started Blogging

Its been my wish to start bloggin for so many years..and finally i stopped acting lazy and got on with it..a new year..a new blog..a new activity... finally :D