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Sunday, December 13, 2009

welcome to graduate life

"Welcome to graduate life "

Its a warm summer afternoon , flight 9w228 was about to land
i set foot on american soil..just as i had planned
the first thing i notice was the welcome board
the 5 dollar payment for the trolly got me floored

now what kind of stupid country charges 5 bucks
to just move your luggage..gosh i wondered..this sucks
on that stingy note i moved out knowing not where to go
Nostalgic thinking i was back home just not too long ago

I enter my temporary accomodation , greeted by an old friend
My first day in america was a very simple one till the end
I dont remember doing anything important or special that day
It was mixed feeling , not excited nor a feeling of dismay

the 1st few weeks here..went past in a daze
i went to nyc , pensilvania and it was the vacation phase
I met my roommates , quite a bunch i must say
one was a pshycopath , other a snob and last i thought looked a little gay :P

Ofcourse thats not what i thought about them
i am just trying to bring some fun into the poem
Although they are very different from me in so many ways
Staying with them i knew would change me in the coming days

a month later , it was time to move into my new home
it was a nice firefox to chrome
we all liked the place and like to call it our own
everything was perfect , the wood , clay and stone.

Soon things begin to break ,as the bathroom flush needed a replace
and later the curtains , the doors all began to get out of its place
whenever things go wrong ,shit happens is what id say
Ironically,we needed to dig into the flush tank to make it go away

a new place , brings new friends , some crazy some fun
like arjun , debo , aparna , sheldon etc ...the chapter has just begun
all unique in thier own right , like sheldon has set up his own groves
switch on shakira and he will show you his moves

say something remotely funny , and aparna will laugh out so loud
It will definetly make mr. siddhu proud
deboleena is one the sweetest girls i have met till now
talking of sweettalk , mr. arjun will melt yout heart and how !

flirting and charming was becoming the norm
with compliments and praises, the guys were in full form
like always , i was the odd one out..
chivalry is something i knew little about :P

we studied , we partied , we sang in the middle of the streets
singing old kishore kumar songs or buzzing to the hip hop beats
these little windows of madness..the few things keeps me going
important to recharge batteries..necessary to keep life flowing

then came the rude shock , of horrendous choices
i took up the stupidest of courses led in by the wrong voices
graduate life promised to be challenging , but this was shit tough
i thought it was overrated and decided to call the bluff

boy o boy !!, what a bad call it was..
Things were getting so hectic , i wanted to take a pause
fucked left right and ceter , i coudnt think straight
the pessimist that i am , can't even leave it to fate

assignments and work , took most of my time
parting sometimes , spending every nickel and dime
I guess i gotta stop whining and get on with my strife
a silent voice in my head says " welcome to grad life"

gokul menon