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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Why there is no god , reason #62138292

Here's reason #62138292 for why I am convinced there is no god.

TL DR: the poor and weak getting crushed and rich getting richer , no rational god will stay on the sidelines this long allowing this to happen.

long version: ~2 mins read

The year is 2020, a real estate tycoon and reality tv personality Donald J Trump has been President of the United States of America for almost 4 years. There is a global pandemic on going which is about to cause more than a million deaths (official records) from 195 countries. Malaria is still the number one disease based killer on the planet. Countless jobs were lost in the ensuing destruction caused by wildfires, floods, lockdowns etc, We are experiencing a great depression. To add to all that madness, we also have the killings of black people in the streets of America by police in various incidents across the country. Systemic racism is prevalent in here in America.

The rich meanwhile just got a whole lot richer, ultra high networth individuals actually saw their wealth grow in this time. Jeff Bezos the worlds richest man just crossed 200 Billion USD in networth and there are now 5 trillion dollar companies and Apple ( a company that makes iPhones and computers) is worth 2 Trillion and may even soon reach 3 Trillion. 

Where is this god ? what the fuck is he/she smoking ? how much injustice and suffering before he or she decides to intervene and fix things. Of course this all would make sense if there was no god and this is the mess humans have created with their own greed and their own selfish reckless behavior across borders, across cultures. We are such a cancer to the planet. No rational god would sit passively while we destroy ourselves and our surroundings this destructively and this alarmingly quickly.

I want to end on a positive note, WHO just declared Africa to be polio free, guess god was busy fixing that while all this was going on and he will get to it soon enough and all will be good. Lets just all agree 2020 is cancelled and we can move to 2021 already.

- conclusion, god does not exist and is a made up entity because clearly there is a problem of pain and suffering in this world where a real god would have been super helpful in helping out balance out the evil and bring some of the good in this world.

ps. Those who think god is testing us, or god has a plan for all of us, or its all part of gods plan or any other similar things, please refrain from my post, you will be mocked and made a fool of on this thread by an atheist like me or by other atheist who may happen to have the courage to do so.

pps. if you were an astute reader and noticed me use the lower case g instead of the typically used upper case G for god, its intentional :)

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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Stargazing Series Part 1: Zion National Park in Utah

Milky way rising over the Bridge Mountain and the East Temple in Zion National Park
Bridge Mountain and the East Temple views , Zion National Park, Utah, 2019
This is the first part of the multi blog series on stargazing that I want to publish over time, covering my visits to national parks, in my chase to capture the milky way (our home galaxy) in so much detail.

Every single time when I see the milky white patch of the sky I am filled with amazement, we are very lucky to get to live on this rocky planet orbiting a mid sized star near a relatively quiet part of the galaxy, where we get a chance every night (barring clouds) to get a peek at what's out there. Some planets out there, are either tidally locked to their stars (similar to how the moon is tidally locked to earth) or some planets are simply too far away from their suns to sustain liquid water which is believed to be a key ingredient for life to survive. The stars in our galaxy themselves provide a window to the past around us, light coming from some of these stars left those stars thousands of years ago and when you step out on a starry night and glance up at these twinkling stars, some of those photons finish their thousand year journey by hitting your retina and registering a tiny twinkly light. To those of you who have never truly experienced a really dark sky, I must admit, the photos exaggerate , the camera is able to bring out more colors while our eyes or only capable of showing us a faint grey cloudy white smudge, we can barely make out the dust lanes, but let me assure you, the sheer planetarium effect of these thousands of stars do make up for the paleness of the milky way as seen with a naked eye, so I urge you to try it. Stargazing is very underrated as a tourist activity.
repost from my instagram post (You can checkout my latest instagram feed on the photography tab of my webpage).

Not convinced, heres another short taken before dawn at one of the gates of the park.

Entry Gates, Zion National Park, Utah

some detail on the technique and specs of the images.
I spent only a few minutes to capture both images (its a single shot taken with an exposure set to 15 seconds) and perhaps took an hour to process it in photoshop to bring out the colors and contrast.
EXIF: Single Shot• Sony A7rii + Samyung 14 f/2.8• 15sec • 12800 ISO


coming soon Part 2: Stargazing Series Part 2: Cherry Springs State Park, PA

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Joining Facebook

So I haven't bothered posting on this blog for a while, a few posts lying in my drafts.
I figured the global pandemic and isolating with wife in our 2 bedroom apartment in what seems to be the current epicenter of the pandemic (next to New York City, New York), now would be a good time to pen down a few posts and publish.
Let me start with an announcement (as the title suggests) I will be joining Facebook as a software engineer in their New York Office.
After 9 years in the finance technology working on the investment banks front office trading and algorithmic trading systems for fixed income and equity products, I am taking a major shift to a new life working on a pure technology and internet services oriented company by joining Facebook.

My new office will be only a few blocks from my current downtown office, not that it matters as I don't think I would be stepping foot into the New York Office anytime soon due to the lockdown.

more to follow if you happen to be following this space..


Sunday, June 23, 2019

Developers rule the world

we developers are ruling the world, think of any multi million dollar enterprise on this planet, chances are its being run on the shoulders of giant tech companies, and think of the people building these giant systems, they are all developers, fucking developers rule the world.


It has been awhile, I haven returned to write a post on my blog, so figured Id get back to it with this claim that I truly am beginning to believe more and more as I experience life in wall st and in technology in general..

Think of what the brightest mind of our generation is currently supposedly busy doing ?

They are working on optimizing the flow of money by manipulating ad exchanges for big search giants like google and facebook, they are making smartphones that are making the rest of us dumb, they are making games, dumb apps, some mind you are exploring the unknown frontiers of science with novel research, but the majority are just chasing the money check expanding the stock options of a few rich power players...

Also a lot of smart engineers and computer programmers work on projects that are looking to make us click ads, its a big money business and the engineering effort is titanic..If I can even use that as an adjective.

and lastly a good chunk of the smartest developers are working on technology for technology, like google, facebook, amazon, etc, they are building the tools that will power the tools of tomorrow, its code all the way down (,,like they said about the universe resting on the back of turtle, and someone asks whats the turtle resting on and you go, its turtles all the way down)

maybe I will come back and update this entry to expand on this, but will publish this draft as I've accumulated posts in my draft and haven't kept updating this blog as I wade through life as a developer. This is my entry in my log of life, my journal in cyberspace, public and informative and useful I hope to inspire everyone to carve out a space in cyberworld.

#latepost #backtoblogging #arethesehastagsevenhashinganything

ip4 map

This image shows a visualization of BGP routing data taken from the Routeviews project. Here, 1-dimensional IPv4 address space is mapped into a 2-dimensional image using a 12th order Hilbert curve, as inspired by xkcd. This means that CIDR netblocks always appear as squares or rectangles in the image.
Address blocks are labeled based on IANA's list of IPv4 allocations. Early recipients of large "class A" address blocks appear in the upper left, while the areas labeled Various Registries indicate allocations from the former "class B" and "class C" regions. Since the mid-1990's all address space allocations are now made through the Regional Internet Registries: RIPE, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, and AfriNIC.
Each pixel in the original 4096 x 4096 image represents a single /24 network containing up to 256 hosts. The pixel color shows the size of the route advertisement covering that space ranging from /8 (purple) to /32 (red). Black represents space without a route and grey indicates reserved space. Prefixes are rendered in order from largest to smallest so that larger (covering) prefixes can be seen underneath the smaller (more specific) announcements.
Visit the gallery to view additional types of maps and the Routeviews gallery for historical BGP data and animations. 


this is a dump of information I came across in the interest of ad-free archival and credit to original work I have verbatim pasted this in my blog.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Windows build 1803 and Microsoft launcher integration

Just happened to get the new windows 1803 build update having phone integration and timeline features, I then installed Windows launcher on my one plus 5 Android smartphone and just like that Im sucked into the Microsoft eco system, was stuck choosing between 'Google ONE's new offering of $2.99/month for 200 GB or Microsoft's $9.99/month for office 365 and 1 TB one drive with phone integration, and Microsoft is convincing me to take their more expensive offering !

Decisions, decisions decisions !.

I'm just being dramatic for no reason, just another day messing on my phone and pc.

Another day in Paradise.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

2018 begins

2018 has arrived and 1 month in now. boy time is flying by.
It doesn't feel too long ago, 2008, Ten years ago I started this blog.

It's been quite a journey, come a long way from the first post, quite physically that too. 12,530 km is a very long distance, the other side of the planet. wonder how 2028 would like ... *continues to stare at the monitor aimlessly*

One of my goals for the next decade is to step up to the next level in my professional career and travel more.

Along with making money I've always believed in pursuing happiness . Money might make it easier to experience happiness, money might give you the power to avoid certain miseries, and yes in general without a basic amount of money, happiness can elude you, but outside of that basic amount I've come to realize happiness lies within, happiness lies time spent with loved ones, happiness lies in the thrill of creative effort, happiness lies in thrill of adventurous travel.

Im focusing this year on travel, as they say , Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

so far this is what my travel plans look like for the calendar year 2018

1. Cleveland, OH
2. Los Angeles , CA
3. San Diego, CA
4. Tampa, Florida
5. Orlando Florida
6. Acadia
7. Cherry Springs State Park, PA
8. Iceland / (Swedan & Norway)

Lets see if new places popup , as weekend getaways or if any of the above places get pushed to next year.



Saturday, October 14, 2017

My mom asked me today why i wrote depressed on fb the other day when I was ranting about Trump, it was difficult to give her context on a phone call, I have to take a step back and figure out how to explain to her what the post is about, it's really quite overwhelming , to sum it up,because of crazypants racist grandpa for the leader of the so called free world Donald J Trump, we are now heading for more oil and coal or green coal (whatever that means) , vulnerable environment, more scandals and corruption, less peace, more travel bans, less freedom !
When the country often referred to as the beacon for freedom , Trump casts a really scary authoritarian shadow, Not to mention the pathological lying and the lack of any sort of credibility, the nepotism, the reality tv nonsense...sigh... and that is basically why it's depressing.
Guess she is going to read this and call me again to ask me the same question :) #Iamokaymom #sigh #resist #

ps. ive bullet pointed the things trump is going to destroy

1. The Environment (yes the goddamn environment)

2. Net Neutrality

3. American Health Care System

ps. this is a late post, written but forgot to publish sometime in dec 2017

p ps. update 1/31/2018

2018 theme (is this a new low? is this the president capable of such a thing? )

So this Nunes dude, makes this memo showing FISA abuse, his staffers wrote it, he hasn't even checked the underlying intel himself, wants it to be available to public without review, basically saying judges don't know what they signing is just crazy, on the same day sanctions are not imposed on Russia, all while some folks in the special counsel are investigation possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 Elections.

Nothing matters anymore #stateoftheunion #sotu #sigh

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Donald Trump Presidency begins

So it's March 21st, 2017 , approx 60 days into the Donald Trump presidency .
Donald J Trump is both a boon and a bane for free speech ! Boon for anyone can troll him on twitter every time he embarrasses himself and get away with it (1st amendment ) and bane for he is gas-lighting the American public 140 characters a time on twitter .

I had to finally make a Twitter account, it is following 2 Twitter accounts @POTUS @realDonaldTrump

You know just in case he starts a nuclear war due to a tweet , need to have push notifications, if the world is ending, need to know as soon as it's about to start


#trump #march2017 #freespeech

Sunday, December 11, 2016


On Most days after watching a game most weekends I go to to read post match posts, and its one of those place on the web which I find comforting (knowing I wont read something too distressing, apart from United playing badly) . The internet today is a place you can't escape all the bad news, all the news about people blown up or shot or raped or mutilated...

then today I read this ->

sigh, I had to ask, what is it with these countries with these guys deciding to strap explosives on them and their vehicles and blowing everyone up. What the fuck is wrong with them ? I mean what the fuck is the terrorist even thinking ? does even have a functional brain ? does he question anything ? are they making the first human dumb bots ? promise of 72 virgins in heaven really motivates them to blow themselves up ?

Most of the people dying today are not really dying because of a battle between muslims and the west, It is a battle within the Muslim world. If you really are interested in understanding the conflict, do some research, remember history is always written by the victors, so a careful reading would be required to form an informed opinion.

No real point to my post, just another sunday morning rant.

#today #conflict #violence #soccer