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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prisoner Of Birth

"Revenge is a dish best served cold" is truly epitomized in this book , ( im sure ive spelled it wrong) .
the plot basically revolves around a certain Danny Cartwight who "on his supposed" best night of his life when he asks out his long time girlfriend sarah to marry him ends up in jail the next day on the charge of a murder he didnt commit , that too the murder is of sarah's elder brother and Danny's best friend Bernier. The story takes off from there , and innocent Danny is sentenced to 22 years in prison as 4 witnesses accuse him of committing a crime he didnt commit. The story mostly is focussed on Danny's life and his plot for revenge on those 4 strangers who have screwed over his life. Jeffry Archer is truly one of the best story teller of our time.

seldom does a book have classy writing combined with flashy storyline , not to mentio
i finished reading this book last week , once i was past the first 30 pages , i didnt stop. Its not like the best book or something , it might not even come in my top 10 books , but its definitely worth a read . Perhaps the book lacked the punch when it comes to the writing or the effect of certain passages. Like in Kane and Able or in some other of jeffry archer's works , there is a lack of high impact words , quotes or any kind of description of characters , places or events. Since the storyline involves a lot of courtroom drama , the book tends to be more of a suspense/murder mystery type of a book instead of a classic as jeffry archer always makes it to be. Maybe i am not supposed to draw parallels to his previous works , maybe i like his other works better , whatever is the reason i was left a little disappointed with it , although take nothing away this is a fantastic read.Considering i must have read over 200 books by now , i think i am becoming too far as prisoner of birth goes ,i'l rate it 8.5 on 10 , not bad at all.
now as amanda suggested il be looking to read either atlas shrug or fountain head , ive been procrastinating it since a while..


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