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Saturday, March 7, 2015

State of Affairs in India (Mar 2015)

I just realized, whenever I don't have any interesting experience or thoughts to share, I could simply rant about my home country and the shit it has to deal with.
To start with , this whole the #aibroastoffendsme bandwagon followed by the BBC documentary, which was banned due to fear that it will create disorder, I mean isn't the content also a little offensive to us in a way that its our own fault ? Our own citizens have such a mentality, the lawyers defending them , free citizens roaming our streets, well educated, they can talk like this, have a stance like this, its sickening, it makes me want to punch.... anyways
on the other hand there is the mob that raided a jail, dragged an accused rapist out and killed him.
I am really unhappy with what's going on in India, instant justice is not justice ! remember how it was when bunch of crazy people burnt someone alive because she was accused of witchcraft and that was an okay thing to do back then ? yeah its just like that , except in this case, its an accused rapist.

"The law says that any person accused of committing a crime is presumed ‘innocent until proven guilty’ in a competent court which exercises appropriate jurisdiction on such matters and persons; and that an accused person is entitled to bail as a constitutional right, unless in capital offences or if the offence committed is a non-bailable offence. So people must understand this, and
be patient to allow the system of jurisprudence play itself out."

So a quick shout out to the responsible literate Indians reading this blog,

Do the responsible thing, teach and promote this simple value, to respect the law of the land ! Lets do this folks, we live in a democracy and must not resort to breaking the law to serve as the judges. We do not want to be living in a country ruled by public opinion. We have a Judiciary , respect it. Jai Hind !

ps. The ban on beef in Maharashtra is simply ridiculous, cricket balls are made from cow hide (which comes from cows that are killed for their meat primarily) so basically you are banning the sale/possesion of the meat, but still allowing sale of these leather balls which come from their meat, I mean its the most f****d up kind food related legislation I've ever seen or heard or read a government pass. Well done Maharashtra Government, well done.
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