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Friday, August 30, 2013

Why Wayne Rooney will never be a legend for me ! Atleast not yet.

Football has always been my first love and will always be something I am always enthusiastic about. Well maybe the final season of breaking bad while its going and and the 5th season of suits, i digress..

anyways this Monday United played Chelsea at home and the entire summer's saga finally reached its focal point.All eyes were on Wayne Rooney, the guy who Sir Alex Ferguson said " has handed in a transfer requests " and the guy who now might not move to Chelsea football club. Jose Mourinho got it right !, 'this is a special football club, it has special clubs', after all clubs have fans who would boo, I have my own theory about that, I believe that united fans probably were hung over from the summers celebrations. 20th league title ! or maybe they really did want him to stay or maybe they were indifferent, who can guess the collective decision making skills of 70 thousand people, or however much of those people who cheered him. Anyways I am going off the topic again, I decided to write this to capture my thoughts about wayne and pen them down for alter reading. The title says 'Why Wayne Rooney will never be a United Legend for me !. To answer that question I need to first tell you who I consider to be legend worthy, David Beckham, , Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Giggs, Scholes, Roy Keane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gary Neville in no particular order. notice i skipped Dennis Law, Sir Bobby Charlton, George Best, Eric Cantona,Duncan Edwards, Sir Bryan Robson and Peter Schemeichel. Yeah its a pretty damn tough list to get on, so maybe I can argue he is great, but not really that great. I will never question Rooney's commitment to Manchester United Football Club. Nope not at all, on the contrary he has always been shown amazing commitment and professional attitude, its just his antics during the summer and his weird unhappiness I question, not to mention the fact that he has also not really hit his true potential but merely shown glimpses of what he is capable of. It is interesting to note that Rooney's best performances have come at a time when the team wasn't winning (2005,2006) and when United did win he wasn't the sole contributer, so its kind of a mixed bag. It looks like he will stay on and he has a shot at becoming the leading goal scorer for the club which would be a tremendous achievement. Maybe I will revisit this topic after a few more years and rate him again and see if I think he qualifies to be a united legend.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Facebook is snooping on me

So I am writing this to collect my thoughts and memory about the time when facebook began snooping on me.. I bet someday in the near future we will know this to be a fact, but I have not yet seen facebook admit this so I will assume they are not doing this. so here's what happened

I met an old friend and we happened to discuss naruto. I mentioned to her that I recently started watching the original and she was talking about shippuden  the next chapter in the series and how she will send me a link for me to watch. The next day she pinged me the link, and I thanked her. I opened the link, checked out the site for a few mins, went on to do other things and forgot about the whole thing. Now this morning (a couple of days later) I open facebook and I see naruto posts ( posts talking / sharing naruto stuff).
This is bad, facebook is not supposed to sniff  my browsing (if at all from external websites using facebook plugins ) ! This made me remember the same thing happening last month. I was discussing star wars with some friends and then I might have googled something related when we were arguing about something silly, a few days later I see more star wars post, I was like what the hell, its almost like the Big Brother feeling, like what the hell facebook, how did you know that ? please don't track my movements like this and try to guess what content I would probably like ! its weird, stop doing it.