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Monday, September 8, 2008

a twisted ankle , loads of memories and defending gold !!!

well those are the three things running inside my head...

1st) Twisted Ankle :

while practising at BAARC (rajats house) , i twisted my ankle , its gotten a bit swollen , i have a limp and i am worried about my overall fitness for the impending tournament aaka BOSM(bits pilani open sports meet) where we won the gold in football last year. I will be leaving for jaipur tommorrow morning and while i type this blog , my mom is busy helping me with all the packing...i know i am lazy lump of mass..

2nd) Loads of memories :

BOSM 2007 was special to me , not only because we won the gold , but because i was a part of something very very special , inspiring seniors tan n suri , promising youngsters..too many to name and brilliant team mates...our team had it all..from the fitness freak to the village drunkard..we gelled well as a team and a bit of luck saw us through to win GOLD. I still remember shaking moments before that spot kick , don't really remember the last time i was that nervous before a spot kick..and when i saw that ball roll in to the wrong side of the keeper , i knew fate was with us..rajat scoring the final kick to win us the game..well there are very few things that can substitute that one...very few moments as exhilarating or glorious..
The best part is.. ive been to BOSM 04 as well , when i was in jai hind. That time , we won the bronze with a much better team , but that team spirit and the companionship wasnt really there , we were more of 11 individuals on the pitch than 1 team..anyways..that trip was special aswell as it was my 1st real competitive tournament at the under graduate level.

3rd) Defending gold :

Well the reason its always at the back of my mind is because its not the 1st time i am going to play in a tournament knowing we are defending champions. Have had that feeling several times during my school days when we used to win almost everything one particular year but somehow messed it all up the next year, it was sort of a taboo ,so to put it in other words , i am not too sure if we can defend this one, considering ive neva been a part of team which has successfully defended a title.

phew...with that i am signing off..
off to jaipur , then from there to pillani for a 5 day sports meet..

ps. if we win the gold , i will buy any1 reading this blog a drink :D

1 comment:

Swapnil said...

I wish you good luck for BOSM. After all, I want my drink if you win a gold!!

I stay in Budh - 229, BITS - Pilani.