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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The thing

well this blog entry is all about that Thing..

that Thing i was carryubg was so bad..
i had gone to meet a friend , who i was meeting after a long time..
it all started at the movies..the next thing i know i was eating the thing , it didnt taste good..:( ..then came the movie itself....well a nice movie..but made the Thing worse..
then more things followed...right from the traffic on the road to the major accident near my many much commotion..the thing was just not gonna quit firing itself away...

ive never experience anything like it before..and it was just too much to handle..

whoever is reading this has no idea what the hell is the Thing i am talking about..
well the Thing is..its just this Thing know ...
lol..honestly speaking after reading the first few lines i don't think anyone has reached till this line....the thing is history now..

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