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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007..the year that was..

Well..of all the things i shall miss in the coming few weeks.. the year 2007 is definetly going to be one of them. Its been a phenomenal year for me and i don't think 2008 can match up to 2007 .
Obviously i am not going to list all the amazing things that have made 2007 so great ..but would like to have a moment to look back at this year and hope for many such years to come.
Of all the things i liked about 2007 is that i have spent so much quality time with my best friends, its too good to be true. Besides another highlight would be manchester united regaining the epl and winning the Gold Medal in BITS Pillani for football representing my college.

Looking forward to a fresh new year now i guess, 2008...well I have always liked the number 7 .. maybe thats another reason for my fondness for 2007.As i write this , so many thoughts running across my mind , a look at the number of things in my mind listed numerically :
1) Am i ever going to be able to maintain this blog ?
2) When should i begin studying for maths ? ( i have a math exam in a week)
3) should i write more or is this enuf ?
4) should i go for the snickers in my refridgerator now or should i save it for tommorrow ?
5) should i watch 'that 70's show' or 'my name is earl' now ?
6) why am i thinking about so many things at the same time ?

well as you can see , im pretty much messed in the head.
hope 2008 works out fine..but as of now 2007 is leading on all counts.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

first to post on your blog dude!! guess 2007 was too good a year to forget... as of 2008.. got loads of academic and futuristic things to look out for!!
cheers to 2007!!