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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Maths 5 !!!

the tittle says it all !!!

Maths 5...for most engineers this is the final mathematics in thier engineering..
I for one used to love mathematics a lot right from school , but since the last 2 years , once i started with maths 1 in engineering, things have changed. My maths scores have shown that.

well I am about to give my last semister 5 paper which is incidently also my last mathematics paper in my course. Maths 5 or M5 as most call it , is all about practice , practice and more practice. Ofourse even a 100 hours of thorough practice will also not guarantee you a good score as it has probability . For those who are not studying engineering , they may not understand the meaning of 100 hours practice for a single paper as in engineering we do not give that much time for any single paper. Anyways , the point is its the kind of subject which can screw you up very badly if u do not practice and also screw you up if you do all the practice. I have been told that maths 5 has more casualties (more kts) than anyother subject in any branch of engineering, well thats an astounding statistics and ironically statistics is also a part of maths 5. There are 2 main parts in maths 5, i'd like to call it maths 5-bad and maths 5-boring.Well the 1st part (60% weightage) concerns stats and probability and the 2nd part(40% weightage) concerns with LPP & NLPP . Now the reason for me calling the first part maths 5- bad is very simple , although its very interesting and challenging, its sometimes confusing and tough ( oweing sometimes to the mumbai university's amazing english) , where as the the 2nd part is comparitively simpler n more mechanical it is very boring and silly mistakes can simpley ruin u.

Well judging from the fact that i have so much time to write this blog juss around 21 hours before i give my paper you might think i am very confident with the subject , but its just sheer frustration and irritation that has compelled me to write this. I hope to do well ( i mean get 40 marks ofcourse ) and get on with my vacation which by the way i am really looking forward to.

Maths god ..according to greeks its Ares i think.. i don't know for sure..anyways..whoever you are up there...have mercy tommorrow..keep those silly mistakes of mine away and those calculation errors at bay...and i shall never abuse mathematics again.


ps. i shall update this blog if my paper is good , or else i shall delete this blod :P

update :

i am fineshed with semister 5 ...n done wid M5

verdict - Maths 5 wasnt as bad as expected.. i should be able to pass


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