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Saturday, December 27, 2014

United can win the title !

YES, as outlandish as that claim is, you gotta take it with a pinch of salt, coming from a very old faithful united fan who has grown up to watching them chase down big leads before, remember chasing down arsenal back in 2013 ? (the captain agrees with me here) I honestly am more hopeful than confident about my claim that united can win the title. I write this blog post to sit down and jot down my reasons for some objective perspective.

I support my claim using the following 3 reasons:

1. United have done this before (statistics),
2. We have a lot of goals in this side (championship wining sides always score a lot of goals).
3. We have been unlucky with injuries, imagine a fit united squad in 2015.

I dont make a strong case yet? let me explore with you, what other rival contenders going for them that would help united's chances

1. Chelsea:
  1.1 I got nothing, they are absolutely winning this if they dont fuck it up.

2. Manchester City:
  2.2 I see the problem with my claim now, they (city) look solid too, so they will win it if chelsea slip up, unless they fuck it up too, now I'm really hopping for too much,

The revival under Van Gaal has been impressive, maybe that's fueling my ambitious and hopeful reasoning.
this video sums up my mood

but then if you support united and were born sometime in the 80s, then you like me have enjoyed stupendous success, I mean really, we were scoring for fun, winning like its our right, last couple of decades especially, spoilt with so much success. We have got our rewards too soon, we can go without silverware for a very very long time (see liverpool fans) :)
actually doesn't matter to be honest, even if united never go on to win anything ever again, then so be it, it is what it is, and I still can't see my self not supporting united. Its done, can't be changed, no matter what.
Quoting Damien*, "You can change your country, your language, your religion, but you can't change your club",

to next season then. The flame of love and loyalty burns on inside...


*This past week I was in Goa for a weekend trip with the guys, I happen to bump into a young frenchman called 'Damien' on our way to our hotel from the airport.  Damien who happened to start supporting AS Monaco since he was 7, spoke about his love for the club and how he attempts to try and follow the club on his travels. We didn't get to exchange our contacts, so Damien if you ever read this, send me a shout !

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