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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Airplanes !

This evening I was jetlagged, on the back of a 2 week vacation in In India where I travelled in the south and west (Thiruvanthapuram , Goa and Mumbai ). I was peeking out the window from my bed to see a constant stream of aircrafts flying along this narrow patch of the sky in the same direction each time, I google mapped my house with that direction to see where these planes were going, when I realized that was the direction one needed to look from my window for the planes taking off at Newark Liberty International airport. Was a strange yet obvious conclusion. I sat there for the next hour or so, just scanning the sky for the next airplane. Was a strange thing to sit down and think about the chaos around you. The buzz of activity, the sheer volume and density of information exchange.

just thought I should pen this stuff down and publish.

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