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Friday, January 21, 2011

India winter break 2010-2011

as i write this , i am preparing to leave , to head back to school , as my winter break comes to a end. A big spring semester awaits me , with 2 advanced graduate courses and teaching a undergraduate + grad course in ECE . This will be my final semester at Rutgers, may 2011 is when I'd graduate. Phew , this will be my last vacation as a student , 20 years of formal education , phew..! looking back , looks like a long road traveled. Doubt id want to study further, i think a Masters degree is good enough , atleast thats what I think as of now :)..
I just wanted to note down some good moments in this trip to India , notably the flight from Chicago to Delhi to Mumbai , was memorable. Then new years was quite sobered down and humble , then the Goa trip was a good one. Catching up with mom and being able to spend time with her was the highlight of the 30 day stay. I loved being able to wake up to mom yelling at me , asking me to wake up, go brush so I could eat breakfast. I loved not having to worry about laundry or cooking or cleaning my room ( i never did that back home as well :P), I loved the road side fast food , the chats , the pav bhaji's, the dabeli's, the dosas at home , the idlis , loved watching Indian television , loved complaining about the slow internet , loved the weather, absolutely loved the warm sunshine that greeted me when i woke up on my bed through the window above my bed :) !! , can't believe I will have to go back to snow !!!

now looking forward to the spring semester , the new year and the final chapter in my education history...lets see how that goes..


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