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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 !!! the year of the tiger !!!

according to my Chinese zodiac , i am born in the year of the tiger (1986), and this year being the 24th year since , 24 being the multiple of 12 (which is the total no. of Chinese zodiac signs) 2010 was the year of the tiger. Its supposed to be a very lucky year , but it was nothing like that. An easily forgettable year. If every 12 years is gonna be like this one , id like to avoid them. Here is hoping for 2011 to bring in something better. 2010 will I guess be remembered for my time in the states. The entire year almost was spent there , completing 2 semesters in my masters in computer science. Also working in summer at bank of america was a special time. Working in corporate America was exciting. Apart from that not much I can take from the year , which has been fairly forgettable. I will miss my grand mom and Murali mama. 2011 has a lot of things I am looking forward to , like my graduation in summer , then work from July. I will finally be stepping out of the university gates after 22 years of formal education. Good bye 2010 , screw you !!! so glad you are done !