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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Apping process !!

there are tough things in life..i get that..
there are really tough things in life.. i can imagine that..
there are confusing things in life..i can understand that..
there is something which is all of the above..i cannot take that..

well try applying for fall 09 to US universities...and you will see what i am talking about.

Phew , 3 months of research , nagging seniors , infinite e-mails , a thouand drafts , nagging teachers , and im still not done with it..

begining applications i though paying 22k to a counselor to guide is waste of money...
now i think my notion has changed..not that it is not a waste of money..its just that when you don't have a counselor who you have paid 22k , you don't have anyone to abuse or blame...

so all you guys out there in india..especially MU...think twice abt counselor ..taking ..not taking...ul regret it anyways..cause its a screwed up process



Aditya Sengupta said...

I feel for you mate. I see the same stuff going on around me in college. The fact that my college is autonomous only adds to the confusion. Sometimes I feel fortunate that I'm not apply for universities abroad- with all that my friends are going through. Not yet at least.

All the best to you. May you get through this process with your sanity intact;) I hear that's rare.

GokulMenon said...

lol that is rare..
i know..thanks a lot.
im finally done with waiting for universities to confirm that they have everything they need to review my application