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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The illusion of LIFE

here goes...

the water is not blue..the grass is not green...
the sea is not salty..the devil is not mean..
the suns not hot...the moon is not round
the wind is not breezy..the earth is not bound

the ice is not cold..the stars are not far away
india is not a country..Oslo is not in norway
dreams are not virtual..truth is not true
fishes do not are not really you

football is not a sport...boxing is not a game
live television is not real..chinese do not look the same
bacteria is not is not a real drink
blondes are not stupid...barbie's favourite color is not pink

yes life is an illusuion..just like U2
if you don't believe me..just go check the zoo
the monkey is sitting tall..the lion is crouching down
the pythons fast asleep..the bears bored to even frown

- by yours truly

ps. i was really not report me to the authorities for boring the crap out of u..:P !!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

'chinese do not look the same'

this is true ok !

n varun is not right !