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Thursday, July 10, 2008

ubuntu new distribution - the pyromaniac release

well don't get fooled by the title , NO i have not installed yet another version of ubuntu ( i am truly content with the working of the present version )
and NO ubuntu doesn't have a new release (pyromaniac)

this blog is for my good friend karan who unfortunately is a pyromaniac ( i dunno if im spelling it right) anyways.. it so happened that the ubuntu i am using has this application called compiz-fusion.
this software lets u make ur multiple desktops arrange themselve along the sides of a cube ( yes ubuntu has multiple desktops to be used as multiple desk spaces) so happened that one of the effects included in the preferences is fire..well this option lets me click the windows button + shift+mouse drag to create a fire animation..the scrshots r below...quite cool na ?

ps. karan im sure ur gonna be installing ubuntu soon... i can probably bet money on that.

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