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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The other bar !!!

Venue : Grand Hyatt(ballroom)
Occasion :Varun and Priyanka's sangeet ceremony
time : 12:00 am
Well i am standing outside the crowded bar , waiting for my 2nd drink for the night , mehul was getting me a repeat of my previous drink ( black label with coke ) and mehul was getting his drink (black label with water). The music was really loud , the sangeet dances where still going on, the energy levels were so high , was fantastic. Sid is as usual getting someone a drink , there's an old saying you know ! it goes like this.. "if your looking for sid , check the bar". Its True , ask anyone.Anyways coming back to me , i was still waiting there , it had been like 5-6 minutes since mehul had been trying to get the drinks , and 5-6 minutes is lot of time wasted .
And then suddenly out of nowwhere , i notice another bar at the other end of the ballroom . A sudden gush relief mixed with excitement filled in me, i told mehul and we went there , and mehul didnt stop thanking me for this the whole night. We got our drinks in no time !
It was a wonderful night , last night. Oh that reminds me , a here's wishing Varun And Priyanka all the very best and wishing them happiness in thier life to come.

ps. was fun to watch sid so drunk , you guys have to check out the recording i took of him singing the liverpool song in conrad's room at 3 in the morning , hilarious i tell you.

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