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Saturday, March 8, 2008

ARRRGHHHHHHH !! :@:@:@ so fucking pissed , aargggggghhh #$%%$^ %^Y& %^& %^ &%^&
well no , nobody punched me on a train , its just this stupid television series ive been watching ,'lost'.picture of the coverpage of the dvd given below, just for your reference.

20 hours of wasting my time , and end of season 1 , they hvnt explained most of the questions about the season , they havent explained so many irritating questions , ...

well it was a decent season though , the plot was interesting , the charectors wele believable , all in all a decent show , the cliff hanger in the 1st season end , made me watch the second season ...

so again , another 20 hours of wasting my time , most of my questions of the 1st season still remain unanswered , some new questions are not answered at the end of this season...and im wondering what the hell is going on...i mean common..are you serious..are you fucking serious..if i meet the writers , i swear id chop them down like a kiddin..
warning to the writers of 'lost' and anyone from the ABC network , dun cross my path for i shall kill you !!!

no fuckin bummed off

ps. DO NOT WATCH LOST...its a serious advice..

1 comment:

Unknown said... was just last night that u were telling me that i MUST watch Lost....! u were spending wayyy too much time gettin addicted to it...

i guess now u feel u would hav been better off studying,rite? :P