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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Football !!!

Well football has been a huge part of my life m right from grade I where i was 1st introduced to the beautiful game till the time i started playing regularly till date..
its been an amazing journey , playing with my boot size of 3 to right now playing with a boot size of 9. It seems just like yesterday that i went with mom to buy my 1st pair of shoes :D and my 1st football ...

Our school had this system where in each year , there was a division called as the "A" divison or "sports divison" where students who excelled in all sports were put together and this divison would have a special timetable where in they would get extra sports period (ie 2 hrs a day for 3 days a week ) :D ..
well the whole system is important in achieveing all round growth and also to promote and support sporting talent. Every year in the summer vacation, all the students including those in the sports divison had to undergo a sports camp where their performance in the sport is annalysed and the new sport divison students were chosen from those in the summer camp. So your place in the elite sports divison was not to be taken for granted and one had to perform well to stay in the same divison the next year.(ie to be promoted from V A to VI A one has to make sure he is performing well enough in his respective sport).As a very young kid , Well since it is too early to decide which sport he has potential in , from grade I to grade IV all of the kids in the sports divison had to play all the sports , and il tell you something , there was something special about playing football , something so amazing that other sports just didnt interest me the least.It was one of my happiest days of my life as a 9 yr when i was selected for football in grade V. That was it , i was to play for school every year from Grade V to grade IX :D. Those were the best days of my life !

seriously looking back at it now , i cannot imagine how life would have shaped out without football.


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