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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Boss Ek Cutting dena ~!!

the title pretty much sums up the whole point of my blog entry...
its so fucking cold these days..and my chai drinking habbit has returned..

it all started with my crash course of maths 5 at vidyalankars 3 months back..
me beeing an avid coffee drinker , neva really liked tea that much..

but after those 3 hrs of maths.. having a break of 15 mins , that small little cup of tea was the only thing worth living for..
we started having it in our breaks , it magically revived us to survive last the remaining 3 hours..
we got through those 6 hour tuts everyday for a week somehow..but the tea drinking never stopped..

I did take a break from tea drinking , when i went to goa , ofcourse you don't drink tea there , you drink beer .
anyways coming back to the main point , ek cutting chai , what an invention i must say.
and since its been like 9 degrees , having tea is just a neccessity these days..
anyways im signing off , my tea is getting cold


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