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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Why there is no god , reason #62138292

Here's reason #62138292 for why I am convinced there is no god.

TL DR: the poor and weak getting crushed and rich getting richer , no rational god will stay on the sidelines this long allowing this to happen.

long version: ~2 mins read

The year is 2020, a real estate tycoon and reality tv personality Donald J Trump has been President of the United States of America for almost 4 years. There is a global pandemic on going which is about to cause more than a million deaths (official records) from 195 countries. Malaria is still the number one disease based killer on the planet. Countless jobs were lost in the ensuing destruction caused by wildfires, floods, lockdowns etc, We are experiencing a great depression. To add to all that madness, we also have the killings of black people in the streets of America by police in various incidents across the country. Systemic racism is prevalent in here in America.

The rich meanwhile just got a whole lot richer, ultra high networth individuals actually saw their wealth grow in this time. Jeff Bezos the worlds richest man just crossed 200 Billion USD in networth and there are now 5 trillion dollar companies and Apple ( a company that makes iPhones and computers) is worth 2 Trillion and may even soon reach 3 Trillion. 

Where is this god ? what the fuck is he/she smoking ? how much injustice and suffering before he or she decides to intervene and fix things. Of course this all would make sense if there was no god and this is the mess humans have created with their own greed and their own selfish reckless behavior across borders, across cultures. We are such a cancer to the planet. No rational god would sit passively while we destroy ourselves and our surroundings this destructively and this alarmingly quickly.

I want to end on a positive note, WHO just declared Africa to be polio free, guess god was busy fixing that while all this was going on and he will get to it soon enough and all will be good. Lets just all agree 2020 is cancelled and we can move to 2021 already.

- conclusion, god does not exist and is a made up entity because clearly there is a problem of pain and suffering in this world where a real god would have been super helpful in helping out balance out the evil and bring some of the good in this world.

ps. Those who think god is testing us, or god has a plan for all of us, or its all part of gods plan or any other similar things, please refrain from my post, you will be mocked and made a fool of on this thread by an atheist like me or by other atheist who may happen to have the courage to do so.

pps. if you were an astute reader and noticed me use the lower case g instead of the typically used upper case G for god, its intentional :)

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