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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Joining Facebook

So I haven't bothered posting on this blog for a while, a few posts lying in my drafts.
I figured the global pandemic and isolating with wife in our 2 bedroom apartment in what seems to be the current epicenter of the pandemic (next to New York City, New York), now would be a good time to pen down a few posts and publish.
Let me start with an announcement (as the title suggests) I will be joining Facebook as a software engineer in their New York Office.
After 9 years in the finance technology working on the investment banks front office trading and algorithmic trading systems for fixed income and equity products, I am taking a major shift to a new life working on a pure technology and internet services oriented company by joining Facebook.

My new office will be only a few blocks from my current downtown office, not that it matters as I don't think I would be stepping foot into the New York Office anytime soon due to the lockdown.

more to follow if you happen to be following this space..


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