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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wedding And All

Wedding And All
                         - to Chiru and Apu

Chirayu and Aparna, this is going to be a short one
No not the marriage, for nothing will the marriage outrun,
I am talking about this poem, a wedding gift you'l are getting, 
Although I know you'd rather, had me attend the wedding.

So Wedding and All, Bro !
whoa whoa whoa !
yes what a weird title I've so intelligently chosen,
but well I guess I should stop writing about this very poem,

So Wedding and All , the time has  finally come,
Chirayu my brother, a married man you have become,
And the girl who has seen it all, Missus Aparna Rao,
From now its Missus, yes Missus Aparna Rao,

So Wedding and All, hows is it going you two ?
How does it feel to bid your single life adieu ?
The Bhaiya and Bhabhiji will we have to now call you ?
Kids can officially now call you uncle and aunty ! wohooo !

Marriage is out of the way, next item is babies,how many will there be?
Can't wait to be coolest uncle that they will ever get to meet!
I think I might be going a little off topic and writing rubbish
Its supposed to be a wedding gift, so I have to be nicer I admit,

I wish you both the very very best of times ahead,
Like the wise man Vernon K Mcellan once said
"Marriage has some thorns, but celibacy has no roses",
I hope both friendship and companionship will always remain cozy,

Oh I know you won't change much, after tying the knot,
Just enjoy the amazing ride without any second thought,
For Chiru time flows only one way, live once, and one lifetime you get,
In this journey with a your wife,sweetheart and your hot brunette*

So Wedding and All, I can't wait to hear all about it,
To see all those pretty pictures, hear stories bit by bit,
I want to quote something by Mr. Robert Frost,the great poet 
"Two such as you with such a master speed" he wrote,

"Cannot be parted nor be swept away
From one another once you are agreed
That life is only life forevermore
Together wing to wing and oar to oar."

Frost refers to those about to wed as oarsman and oarswoman on a boat,
Like a 2 person team, side by side and sometimes on each others throat,
I think it makes sense, once you are agreed, in matrimony bound together,
The 2 person team and the proverbial boat of life will survive any weather,

Like I said this will be a short one,
so here's the verse I'm finally done

-Yours truly

ps. * the wife , sweetheart and hot brunette refer to the same person :)

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