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Sunday, August 29, 2010


The universe has a way of balancing itself out. Physically, you have matter and anti-matter. Chemically, you have protons and electrons. Biologically, you have males and females. Ethically, you have Do Gooders and Douche Baggers.

When somebody does something bad, they should be expecting something bad to happen to them. That is karma. Conversely, if someone does something good, they can expect good things. All this happens, so the universe can balance itself out.

But sometimes, bad things happen to good people even though they haven’t done anything bad to warrant the bad thing. This isn’t the universe balancing itself out. This is karma on credit. Like a credit card.

Karma’s all like, “Hey, I’m going to do this really shitty thing to you, make your life miserable for a while and you’ll want to poison yourself with mothballs. But don’t worry. Don’t eat the mothballs yet! I’ll hit you back when the statement comes and your life will be awesome.”

But secretly, Karma knows that our lives are going to collectively end in 2012 and Karma’s not going to get charged shit. He just stole your good deeds, replaced it with something really shitty and now you’re dead. We’re all dead.

Thanks, karma. You really are a bitch. Go fuck yourself

this is a repost from :

credit to the original author

I just don't agree to the author's ending of the karma story

here is my version :

at the end of the day , karma pays back with interests...if you do bad things, and you are momentarily rewarded even though you don't warrant the reward, soon karma provides a pay back..with interest..

similarly when you do good things and shitty things happen to you, after sometime karma provides a pay back ..with interest..

so yeah !! karma is the way to go. !! do good things and good things happen to you..

i also wrote this quote up : "The universe has a way of balancing itself after almost making you believe that life is just a meaningless blob in time and space " - Gokul Menon

with that, signing off

ps. can't wait to travel to atlanta and meet priyam , summer 2010 ends and fall 2010 begins with a bang !!!


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