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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Break '09-'10

The fall semister came to an end on a bright sunny Monday morning, the 21st of December, with a final project presentation for the 'Principles of Artificial Intelligence ' Course. Well It was not my best end sem , since I already had received 2 of my grades (both were B) which was unusual , both because I expected better grades and because I am not accustomed to getting my grades while my exams are still going on , unlike back in India. Nevertheless , I guess I just have to work harder now for spring. Well before that , I have this winter break :). As i write this , my winter break is half over. So far its been a great break , I visited NYC on two different occasions , one for christmas eve and the other for new years eve. The fact that Priyam visited my from Atlanta just made my winter break all the more memorable. There are few things that can substitute the company of friends like him. I also made some new friends in NYC. All in all , fun time is over , as priyam will be leaving tommorrow and I will have a lot of work to do. Graduate School ensures you don't have enough time to maintain your blog, and this break gives me that opportunity to do just that.
to anyone stupid enough to be following my blog , well happy new year !!!

ps. New years in NYC is overrated , Mumbai city is much more happening.

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