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Monday, May 11, 2009

Okay I am back to bloggin !!

4 months is a long time..and yes i have come out of my exile from blogging..
not that I something specifically brought me here , just that now that I am preparing for my final exams in my Under Graduate Studies ...I have a lot of spare time :)

Well just to update my readers ( I guess the google bots and the odd guy who comes across this page currently reading this wondering if he is who i am referring to :P)

this is what has changed since january 2009...

I got admits from 3 universities for MS CS...

they are Arizona State University , University of Florida(with a 40% waiver) and Indiana University of Bloomington..I got rejects from Suny Buffalo , NCSU and TAMU and I am yet awaiting a response from Rutgers.

My final destination is going to be UFL and i am mostly planning to leave for florida on the 7th of august.

Meanwhile college came to an end (been 4 years at DJSCOE) and ofcourse along with college..the college football came to a very abysmall and sad end :(
went trophyless this season.... ( did win silver and bronze..but no gold :()

and finally... my project at IIT B came to an end..although could have complete more work..the final result was appreciated by our mentor and we are hoping to continue the work this summer.

Well thats that..hope to keep this blog updated...

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