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Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 , the good the bad and the ugly !!!

2008...personally a great year , academically nothing untoward although could have fared better in 5th n 6th sems , career wise , not bad ..bagged a decent job. on the social front , didnt really upset anyone or make new enemies :P

let me keep it short n simple..

the good :

Goa trip 2008 at the pepsi house was the perfect way to begin a new year.
IT has to be the highlight of my year.
Amby valley trip also was equally amazing !!!
GRE score and completing of applications for fall 09 were a relief :)
Got placed at accenture :)
Manchester united winning the Champions league and the premiere just coudn't get better.

the bad :

Chances of spending the next couple of years away from family and friends set me back.
my uncle's deteriorating health was a big heartache.
my football form has really hit rock bottom , with just a few goals to show throughout the end of last season and the begining of this one.
hoping 2009 has something better in store.
my fitness and stamina levels have also gone down.

the ugly :

Terrorist attacks on my beloved city , dampening the spirit.
The whole reaction from the authorities and the government.
Liverpool ending the year on top of the common..who would have predicted that ?

well here's to a better and bigger year..the year of the Ox

ps. happy new year to the handfull of you reading this shitty blog.

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